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3 miles for 3 years

Today was my very favorite run called I’m Trying.  I wrote about it last year because it was my first 5k ever.  Take a moment to read the story of how the road race came to be and who it honors.  My reason for trying is, of course, my mother who has been battling cancer for three years now.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and I NEED YOUR HELP!

Cancer is cruel.  It has no conscience. My mother, Carrie, is a health nut who never misses a checkup and won’t even eat a piece of fruit if it isn’t organic.  She isn’t exactly in the common candidate for Colon Cancer, yet she was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in March, 2011.  Again, cancer doesn’t follow rules and it doesn’t care who you are. 

Get Your Rear In Gear 5K!

Hello.  I haven’t been able to post in a while.  I can’t even express the intensity of this past month.  I was sick twice with a throat infection and mono, though I didn’t know I had mono until the infection showed up on a test as “past.”  My child was sick.  Worst of all, my sweet mom just landed herself a spot in the ICU last week, though she’s now much improved.  There are no words. In all of the craziness, I realized that the 5K I signed up for months ago to benefit Colon Cancer is NEXT WEEK!  I haven’t been for a run in ages, so I’m not as prepped as I’d like to be, but I’ll run it, darnit!  I will! I need your help!  Colon cancer doesn’t have the funding that many other illnesses and cancers have.  I’d really like to raise a nice chunk of change to help with research, prevention, and care for patients.  Even if you have $5, will you sponsor my run?  It is for such a …


I was always athletic, even as a child starting, I suppose, with softball.  Add to that tennis, years of basketball camp, and volleyball.  I even scored a small tennis scholarship to a school I decided not to attend.  I spent my high school years training, lifting weights, and running suicides when not actually playing in competitive games.  If you played sports in high school, the word suicide likely just made you cringe. I always hated distance running. At the start of each new season and sport, we’d always start with distance running and oh how I dreaded that. When I was 25, I began running.  I wanted to stay in shape, train for a long-distance bike ride, and I was broke.  Running is free. Near my apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts, there was this great running location called The Emerald Necklace.  I didn’t have a routine.  I’d run there in the afternoon or even–eek–at night (oh the things I’d go back and tell my 25 year old self). I was in the best shape of my …