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Mayfair Farm

This weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day and my mother’s 60th birthday. Anderson and I went with his grammy and papa to visit a little slice of heaven today: Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, NH.  This sustainable farm has tons of treasures, such as a greenhouse full of veggies, orchards, strawberries (almost ready to pick!), piglets, cows, sheep, and today’s favorite by far: very free range chickens.  By free range, I mean they run wherever they please – as all chickens should.  

poop disaster – a funny story

Originally published on 1veggiemom, now officially folded. Look, being a momma is not all snuggles and smiles.  There’s spit up, boogies, pee, drool, and poop.  LOTS of poop.  I posted a recipe here for a lovely soup I had while visiting with friends.  Here is what happened behind the scenes. I was looking forward to seeing both of my friends on a Thursday that I was home with Anderson (how I love my Thursdays home with him!).  I hadn’t slept well the night before.  I was also full of stress.  The following day, my mother was having major surgery.  I was burned out from working long days (December in the publishing industry can be hellish).  I had a screaming headache.  I was also in the middle of making a decision about a major career change.  Calgon take me away, right? I was sitting on Diane’s kitchen floor with Anderson.  I was saying to Diane, “I need just a few minutes to myself to regroup sometime soon.  A few minutes where I’m not needed.” I was fantasizing …