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Mayfair Farm

This weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day and my mother’s 60th birthday. Anderson and I went with his grammy and papa to visit a little slice of heaven today: Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, NH.  This sustainable farm has tons of treasures, such as a greenhouse full of veggies, orchards, strawberries (almost ready to pick!), piglets, cows, sheep, and today’s favorite by far: very free range chickens.  By free range, I mean they run wherever they please – as all chickens should.  

my two favorite dads

This year, I’m extra lucky. I get to wish a happy day to TWO great dads in my life. I have an incredible super-dad and I married a man that is also quite a top-notch daddy as well. It was just twelve weeks ago that Chris became a dad. What a wonderful dad Chris is.  He can get a bottle ready while holding the peanut.  He has shaved some serious time off his diaper change time.  He gives a bath like no other.  He even taught Anderson how to stick out his tongue (though he may be regretting that in the future – ha!). Just this morning, he even had Anderson actually full-on laughing.  Seeing the two of them together melts my heart. Plus he is just plain good looking. I love our little family.  There is so much joy in every single day. I also get to wish MY awesome dad a very happy Father’s Day too.  He doesn’t believe in these holidays per se, but I think it is OK to remind him …

a perfect father’s day weekend

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad a gal could ask for!  He has passed to me–among many other things–a obsession for gardening, a desire to be surrounded by nature and solitude,  and a love for animals. dad with one of his other daughters: Amber Joy I spent this past beautiful weekend with my parents.  It was one of those times in your life that you stop right in the middle of what you are doing and think, “I’m having a really great time.”  It started with taking Friday off to spend the day with my mom in Keene doing really girly things like nails, lunch, and shopping.  When we returned home, we covered our skin and put mosquito nets over our heads to go for a walk.  They don’t just have extreme weather  and animals (yes — there have been bear and moose sightings in the short time they’ve lived there) in the mountains of New Hampshire, they have extreme bugs too.      What a beautiful walk!  The landscape is stunning.  There were ferns everywhere, cute …