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good reads from this week

Hello!  I haven’t had much time to write lately, so I’m pointing you to a few other great reads that I stumbled upon this past week.  I’m making it a point to take the time to read a few bits each day during lunch or my morning coffee. First, there are a few new posts up at my other site, 1veggie mom! A visual tour of my very favorite room, Anderson’s nursery, along with my suggestions for your baby registry.  HERE A few thoughts on the importance of a name and how Anderson’s name came to be.  HERE For you animal lovers and vegetarians If you don’t already know about Kris Karr, you should take a moment to visit her site.  She makes being a healthy vegan look very sexy.  I discovered an older post of hers via twitter that is meant to help you deal with friends and family if you are planning any big life changes (like going vegetarian or vegan for example, or giving up refined sugar, or quitting smoking, literally anything …

why I love Saturday mornings (in Instagram)

Every saturday, I wake up to a smiling little boy that I get to spend ALL day with.  Our tradition, weather permitting, is to go out and water and weed the garden together.  I tell him what all of the plants are (while pretending he understands me).  Just in the past week or two, he started to reach out to grab the flowers, which is completely adorable. This morning, I had my cell phone with me and decided to take some pictures of the garden via Instagram. I hope you enjoy seeing how our garden grows.