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orange peach jam

So, what’s new? Hmmm. 1. My son is potty trained.  Yeah, just kidding.  We’ve determined that he just isn’t quite ready yet.  He can, however, sing the ABC’s with adorable perfection.  This blows my freaking mind. That whole “it goes so fast” thing really is true. 2. I’m a city commuter now.  My car sits in the driveway and I now hop on a bus, then a train, and then I walk the remaining mile and a half.  I even get a ride home from Awesome Husband and we go pick Anderson up together.  After years of a two hour commute home on the hellish Mass Pike, there are just no words.  It is wonderful. 3. I ran my first 10K last weekend in picturesque Concord.  All money raised went to support the Louisa May Alcott Orchard House.

backyard grape jelly

About four years ago, a friend gave me a grapevine.  It didn’t even sprout a grape for years, but it kept sprawling down the fence along our driveway.  Last year, we finally had grapes and I was so excited! They were beautiful!  I kept waiting for them to ripen just enough to pick.  One day, I went outside and noticed that every last grape was gone.  Someone had a feast. This year, I beat out whatever furry or feathery animal got them all last year.  I went out with the biggest metal bowl I could find and started harvesting the grapes during Anderson’s nap time.  The bowl quickly filled.  I grabbed my largest colander and filled that.  Then, I yelled to Chris to grab me another bowl and filled that too.  I couldn’t believe how many grapes came from one plant. Hello, jelly. It took hours to sort through all of the grapes, ditching the completely green ones and the ones that were already dried up and shriveled as well as pulling every single grape …