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great gifts on Etsy

I love Etsy so much.  It deserves a shout out.  I’ve purchased many gifts at this online marketplace and maybe I can inspire you to find some cool gifts, whether it be for a new baby, your best friend, your mother, or your favorite gardener.  You can find unique items and things you simply can’t find in big stores.  Your purchases will also help support the small man. Here are a few things I have that are from Etsy (many are gifts from my awesome friend, Bree and I don’t use the word awesome lightly).   Click the image to get to the Etsy vendor’s site. Here are some things I’ve purchased for others.  Happy gifting!

Christmas vacation

The house is clean, the junk food is out of site or thrown away, and we’re detoxing indefinitely with some yummy vegan cuisine. I’ve been out of the office since last Thursday and the unwinding is officially underway, thanks to my sister and the Peace Soap (Kiss My Face, which is cruelty free!) that graced my bubble bath. We’ve definitely had some Griswold moments on this Christmas vacation so far. The cats tested my patience by unwrapping presents (not for them), holiday lights gave us a run for our money, and mice literally ate through the wires going into the engine of our Volkswagen. I’m not kidding you. On Christmas Eve, my part nature-man and part mechanical-genius father popped open the hood to have a look. My husband literally looked at me, smiled, and called me “nature girl” under his breath as my father hauled out a nest. Don’t worry–there is no chance in hell we’d ever get mice traps. However, as the AAA tow truck hauls the car away as I write, it does …