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a week of spring: primrose

Sunday I just spent the last five days in Stoddard and Lebanon, New Hampshire, where the weather can turn from calm to angry in a matter of minutes.  If you can drive there this time of year, you can drive anywhere. In the past few weeks, I’ve experienced getting stuck on a hill after a heavy snow (and driving white-knuckled down steep Pitcher Mountain), driving 40 miles an hour on 89 because of blinding fog, facing both hail and sleet head-on, and inching my way home through a rain storm that my wipers could barely keep up with.  There is still snow on the ground there and little vegetation to speak of.  I pulled into my driveway last night and couldn’t believe what I saw.  Even at night, I could see my forsythia bush blazing and the grass looked lush and green.  Spring, my friends, literally began while I was away. Today, I wandered around my yard to see what plants were coming back to life.  Joyfully, I see nearly everything peeking up with the …

cheating spring

Forsythia doesn’t meekly flower in spring.  It turns from a camouflaged brown bunch of twigs to a shouting ball of yellow.  “Look at me!” it commands.  Against a neutral world of hibernating life, it truly stands out and proudly announces that Spring has finally arrived.  I decided to cheat a little because I’m simply getting impatient.  I cut some Forsythia twigs that had been damaged by the heavy snow and put them in water on my kitchen windowsill.  A week and a half later, I have the happiest yellow bouquet. I also have a red leaf plum tree in front of my porch that has the loveliest red leaves in summer. I clipped a few limbs from this tree, which is nothing but grey and empty right now, and also put them in water.  Just this morning I discovered little pink blooms that normally wouldn’t be popping out until late April/early May.  Patience is a virtue, but why wait?  I get to see these blooms twice this year.

10 weeks from planting day!

SEED TIME! I’ve been waiting for March 5th like a child waits for Christmas.  My father and I placed our large shared order from Johnny’s back in January and I’ve been staring at the packets longingly ever since they arrived. I have since planned my garden out in detail and purchased soil.  I even scrubbed my seed trays out and cleaned out my little indoor greenhouse.  All this prep and finally, this weekend I got to get down and dirty with my first batch! I’ve also noticed some other bloggers gearing up for the big event and even getting started.  A recent blog I came across: Vegan Activist already has nearly all of her seeds sprouted!  You Grow Girl (one of my favorite gardening blogs) is also ready for spring and recently directed readers to her archives, where you can find great info about starting seeds (click here).  Since I’m in New England, I’ve chosen May 14th as my official planting day, so I’m working backwards against that date.  I wrote reminder cards out to …